Specialized in maintenance and repair

Repair and Maintenance of Diesel and Gas Engines and their Components

Our highly qualified technicians are available to perform on site repairs, maintenance works, engine performance analysis and review of Diesel and Gas Engines, without any limitation.
Our work processes, the modern machinery of our fully equipped workshop allow us to perform high quality services and reconditioning of all critical components such as:

Maintenance of Air Compressors

Regular maintenance of an Air Compressor is mandatory since in facilities that require compressed air, approximately 10% of the energy used is consumed by it.
Coemi Srl. is able to optimize the performance of an air compressor by maintaining, repairing where necessary, analyzing compressor operation and fixing leakages.


We provide services to all types of pump brands and styles. Coemi is able to maintain, repair and test the pump to inspect for efficiency and adjust according to manufacturer’s performance curves.

ILT & ELT Lifting Tools

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Hydraulic Systems

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Winches Winding machines

Electrical Central Units

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Tube Handling

Hummer Maintenance

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